Private Exchanges

A private exchange is an online portal that offers multiple benefit plan options to employees, usually through a single carrier, allowing employers to shift to a defined contribution strategy and set a limit on their their health care spend.  Private exchanges continue to have growing interest due to benefits seen by both the employer and employee.

While there are many benefits to a Private Exchange, here are a few:

  • they can be tied to a defined contribution (DC) approach to fund the employer contribution
  • offers some administrative advantages – to include automating eligibility and enrollment, managing payroll deductions, and responding to employee questions throughout the year
  • variety of plans and products allowing the employee to select those that meet their needs and budgets
  • decision-support tools

To learn more read our Private Exchanges 101 guide.





In 2014 Marsh & McLennan Agency introduced MMA MarketLink, a new Private Exchange and Benefit Administration platform.   MMA MarketLink offers employers a quick, easy, and informational platform that supports nearly all types of benefits programs, whether an employer is seeking traditional benefits administration support or a private exchange solution, or something in between. The key to our success is that we provide the flexibility, customization, integration and efficiency employers need, with the intuitive, easy-to-use online tools, employees need.

MMA MarketLink enables employers to:

  • Integrate processes and systems to increase efficiencies and save time.
  • Provide affordable, high- quality benefits offerings and plan designs aligned with state and federal exchanges.
  • Remain compliant with Affordable Care Act (ACA) regulations.
  • Provide guidance and tools to help employees choose the right benefits.
  • Gain control over your benefits budget, while allowing employees more freedom to choose where they spend their benefits dollars.

Please reach out to your local MMA representative to schedule a demo and virtual tour.