Educating Employees About The ACA

There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and what it means not only to your company, but also to your employees. With all of the information out in the mainstream media, many employees are confused and concerned about how the Act will impact their insurance costs and coverage options.
At Marsh & McLennan Agency (MMA), we offer turnkey communications resources and consulting services designed specifically to help your employees make sense of the ACA, understand their coverage options, and prepare for change.


Regardless of what stage your company is in with respect to the “pay or play” mandate, now is the time to implement a robust, integrated employee communications strategy. A well-designed campaign can make it easy for you to bring employees up to speed on the new legislation and what it means for them.
This includes:
  • Helping employees make sense of what they’re reading and seeing in the mainstream press, combined with solicitations they might be receiving from insurance carriers and other third parties.
  • Minimizing the calls and inquires about the ACA to your Human Resources team.
  • Ensuring consistency of messaging.
A comprehensive communications strategy can not only help your employees understand what’s happening today, but lays the foundation for more in-depth communication as health care reform evolves.