ACA Reporting Tools

The Affordable Care Act brings an unprecedented shift in the way employers administer benefits to their employees. Employers now must track employee hours and administer benefits to ensure compliance with the ACA, including offering “adequate” and “affordable” coverage, or face steep penalties for failing to comply with the new requirements under health care reform. Also, individuals who are unable or unwilling to elect into coverage offered by an employer may suffer a penalty if they fail to enroll in other major medical coverage.

MMA offers a suite of integrated reporting and tracking tools to make it easier to meet employer and individual mandate requirements. These ACA tools are available on a stand-alone basis or as part of our full MMA MarketLink benefits administration and exchange services platform. Tools include:

IRC Sections 6055 and 6056 Reporting

Under the Employer Mandate, Applicable Large Employers must report under IRC Section 6056, in addition to IRC Section 6055, if they are self-insured. IRC Section 6056 requires that Applicable Large Employers must report the number of their full-time employees and what coverage (if any) was offered to each employee, including the self-only employee cost of the lowest-cost health plan offered that meets ACA minimum value standards. MarketLink provides easy reporting tools to help you stay compliant with these requirements.

Look-Back Measurement Period Calculations

MarketLink’s robust measurement and data management tool ensures you have the right data to manage the benefits eligibility of your variable hour and seasonal workforce. This information is crucial for offering benefits and responding to IRS inquiries.

Form W-2 Reporting

Administrators can use MarketLink to access reports that work with your payroll system to ease the burden of the reporting requirements for employers issuing 250 or more Form W-2s. Health care costs can be included on periodic payroll files and Form W-2s, as well as on year-end reports. MarketLink also supports Form W-2 reporting for mid-year terminations.

Automatic Enrollment

MarketLink supports automatic enrollment of new hires into a specific health plan offered by the employer, as well as waivers of coverage options. Any exceptions can be managed individually of public exchanges.

Summary of Benefits and Coverage

Our easy-to-use document upload utility allows employers to electronically post SBCs for all benefits eligible employees for their view, download, and printing from MarketLink’s secure employee portal.

Employee Notice of Exchange

With MarketLink, employers can leverage an electronic communications tool to send electronic notification about the availability of public exchanges.

Wellness Program Management

MarketLink offers full integration with wellness programs, allowing for the creation and tracking of programs and incentives that have a high value for both employer rates and employee health.