About ACA

Over the next several years, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will have a major impact on any employer in the United States currently offering health insurance. However, with a lack of clarity surrounding the reforms, many employers don’t fully comprehend how the law will impact the financial health of their business.

At Marsh & McLennan Agency (MMA), we have the expertise and industry knowledge to help you navigate the anticipated reforms. Our industry experts, in conjunction with our compliance and actuarial team, can help you determine the financial impact on your business and put a plan in place to help your company comply with complex regulations and manage costs.

Scope of Services

Based on the needs of your organization, we provide the following services:

  • Analysis of your current plans to determine if you are at risk of triggering penalties for non-compliance, shared responsibility, surcharges or excise taxes
  • Identification of key risk elements and offering of solutions for potential issues
  •  A complete reform ‘checkup’ to make certain you comply with all aspects of regulation
  •  An understanding of the financial impact of reform to your business, including if you are at risk for increased costs
  •  Strategic recommendations to help you better manage your employee benefits plans
  •  The ability to help you manage and contain costs associated with ACA

Regardless of your industry, size or location, our experts partner with you to understand your long-term plans and needs. Our team works with you to develop strategies to help you achieve your goals in light of future regulations and reforms.

Contact us to discuss how MMA can help you make the right decisions for your business.